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The know how when buying carpets.

Carpet isn’t something you would buy everyday, However it is a product you use every day. When comes the task of buying a new carpet you will want to make sure its both comfortable and durable.

You are able to buy carpet online. However you wont be able to feel the product and really know what it is you are buying. Carpet can be a very expensive product and you need to be sure you are buying the carpet you want. The easiest and most convenient way to do this would be to arrange a free no obligation home quote. Carpet surveyors are able to bring the carpet shop to you at a time that’s suits you. They measure everything up and can then give you an accurate quote based on your measurements.

Carpet Samples

When Choosing a carpet its important to feel and see the carpet in your own home. You are able to compare colours to the home furnishings. This will really allow you to tailor the carpet to the look and feel of your property. Carpets come in many different styles colours and textures. When choosing flooring you need to decide between a heavy and stylish wool or a soft and luxurious deep pile. Carpet comes in many different piles you have a twist a Saxony and a short pile just to name a few.

Carpet fitting

This is just as important as choosing the carpet. Most reputable flooring suppliers will already have fitters that work with them that have been tried and tested. However if you find yourself in a position where you need to find your own fitter be very careful. You have just spent a lot of money on the flooring if this goes wrong you may end up having to buy it again. Always make sure the carpet fitter has experience and knows what he is doing.


Just as important if not more important than buying the carpet its self.

You normally wont be able to get underlay samples off line. This why a home quote is so much more important get the underlay carpet mix wrong and your carpet will start to wear unevenly. When purchasing underlay you need to be sure its suitable for the area you are fitting it to and also the carpet you are fitting on it.

Room Type

Take in to consideration the room you are about to carpet. Do you have any plans in the future to decorate or change the furnishing around. Carpet if picked correctly could last you 10 years you would want maybe a neutral colour or maybe its a pattern carpet with a bit of colour.

You could choose a nice thick foot sinking carpet for the bedroom where it wont wear down to fast. For the stairs you would want go with something totally different Maybe a nice grey hard wearing carpet. You use the stairs constantly so you would want this to be a much more toughed hard wearing carpet. A nice coloured stripe carpet can really be a vocal point on the stairs it stands out and can make a small hall way look bigger.

Last but not least take into consideration the reason for the carpet change. Do you want to freshen up the rooms? Are you selling the property and want to make new carpets a selling point? No matter what the reason is for replacing the carpet be sure to pick the product that suits you and your home.

Paying for your Carpets

Many different flooring company’s can offer you different payment options some offer no credit check carpets others can offer you a full finance option which can include heavy interest. You are able to get pay weekly carpets and also pay monthly carpets with no credit check or interest at all and of course you can pay for your flooring all in the one payment if you want to.